Dit product is onderdeel van Infowijs - een studio met maarschappelijk hart.

Platform introduction

The Includable platform saves developers hundreds of hours of development time when building SaaS or enterprise applications, by providing a standard toolkit for building web applications using PHP.

It offers simple APIs for sending and receiving e-mails, storing data, sending push notifications, building REST APIs, queuing jobs and many more capabilities that make applications modern and feature-rich, without the need to re-create all of these features on your own. This does not only significantly reduce development time and costs, but it also helps with providing the user a consistent and clean working environment.


Simple to build

Includable modules are built using PHP, in combination with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which makes it easy to find a professional developer that can build an app for you. Or you can let our experts do the job.


Includable comes out of the box with support for SAML and LDAP, making it easy to connect your Includable applications to enterprise environments.

Groups and permissions

Administrators have fine-grained control over permissions and roles. You define the permissions and use them in your code, and Includable automatically lets the administrator manage them.


It is easy to notify users of new events, with lots of control over content and appearance. We support push notifications on iOS and Android, as well as websockets and email.