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UI components

UI components offer a simple way to add advanced features to the front-end of your module. You can easily add a component by using $this->components (the Components object):


Components overview

  • File previews (file-previews)

    After adding the file-previews component, every <a href=""> tag with class="file-preview" will launch a file preview dialog, if there is a previewer available for the specific file format. The following file formats are supported:

    • Video: mp4, mov, avi (if browser supports the file type in the <video> element)
    • Audio: mp3, wav, ogg(if browser supports the file type in the <audio> element)
    • Images: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, psd, ai, tiff, bmp
    • Documents: pdf, txt, rtf, md, doc, docx, odt, ott (including variants)
    • Presentations: ppt, pptx, odp, otp (including variants)
    • Spreadsheets: xls, xlsx, ods, ots
  • Text editor (wysiwyg)

  • Drawing canvas (drawing)