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  • Module deployment

Deploy via command line

To deploy a module using the inc command line utility, you have to make sure:

  • You are the owner of the module name you are trying to deploy
  • You are signed in with your developer account

Signing in

Simply run inc login to sign in to the CLI. This will open the browser window and request you to sign in to the Includable developer dashboard, if you aren't signed in already. After signing in, return to your terminal window to continue.


Note: currently, after deploying using the CLI once, Includable won't auto-deploy using Github anymore.

When you run inc publish in a directory with a module.json file, Includable will:

  • Check if the account you are currently signed in with owns the module with the name value specified in the module.json file. If it doesn't, you will see an error.
  • Create a ZIP archive of your module, and upload it.
  • Validate the uploaded ZIP archive.
  • Distribute the new version of your module across the Includable platform servers.