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  • Front-end development
  • AngularJS

Using AngularJS

Starter kit

Quickly get started with building and running Angular apps on Includable with the starter kit on Github:

Starter kit AngularJS

Enabling Angular support

Place the following inside your module.json file to enable the AngularJS front end in your Includable Module:

   "webOptions": {
      "angular": true

This will allow you to use AngularJS in your Includable module, just like you would on any other Angular-based website. There are some more Angular-related settings you can set in module.json.

API access

We did simplify some bits by providing an AngularJS $scholica provider to access the API in an extremely simple way.

To access an API method of your module, use the $scholica provider. Consider the following simple controller:

function schedule($scope, $scholica){

The $scholica.community() function also allows a second parameter, which should be an object with POST fields to send along with the request.

Of course, to use your own Module’s API, you first need to create one.