• Getting Started

Includable CLI

The Includable command line utility allows you to build, debug and test modules by using your own editor and local environment, but by seeing the results in realtime on an online demo environment. No need to install virtual machines or container software on your own machine.

Includable CLI


Install Node.js (version 6+), and install the Includable CLI through npm:

npm install -g includable


Create a new module:

inc create

Start debugging it by executing this command in a module directory (needs to contain a module.json file):

inc run

This will automatically open the browser and sign in as a user. Alternatively, add -e manager to sign in to the Includable Manager with the module installed, or -e main to not automatically sign in (public homepage/login screen of community).

Includable will automatically synchronise any changes you make to local files as long as you leave the command running. After you save a file, refresh the browser to see your changes.


It is possible to extend the CLI functionality by building plugins. These are simple Node packages, which export a function (in their main file, specified in package.json) with a single argument, which is an instance of a commander.js program:

'use strict';

module.exports = function(program) {

        .description('Get a pong')
        .action(function() {


Plugins are installed in the directory $HOME/.inc-plugins.