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EU Copyright Directive

On September 12, 2018 the European Parliament voted in favor of the EU Copyright Directive. This law has not been implemented yet: a final vote will take place in January 2019, although experts say it is unlikely it will be rejected, and after this final vote EU member states will need to implement it individually.

Upload filter

Article 13 of the Copyright Directive dictates that any online service that accepts user uploads should have an automated filter to detect any content that might be copyrighted, which might impact customers of Includable if they allow file uploads.

Includable doesn't offer direct upload functionality to end users, but lets customers implement this in their apps. That means that legally the customer is required to comply with this directive once it is written into law, not Includable.

Nonetheless, as it is Includable's mission to simplify building online apps, we will do whatever we can to help customers comply with this directive, possibly launching new APIs to check for offending content and providing guidelines.

Next steps

Keep an eye on this article for further updates as the directive progresses from the EU Parliament to local lawmakers. Feel free to email support@includabe.com if you have any questions in the interim.